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Cosmetics the healthy way

Made Only From Natural Materials

All products are made with 100% natural ingredients, and compounds from Houston, Texas. I have been always focused on looking for benefits for the skin, and on making makeup for normal people and of all skin types and colors.

About me and the products

I am an entrepreneur, that since my face got sick due to makeup prodcuts, I began to focus on researching, studying, and developing this line of makeup products, made with 100% natural ingredients, or chemical compounds, that will somehow benefit the women skin.

During some time, I fought with eczema, therefore, I decided to develop these products, that not only will benefit me, but also other people.

After a great effort, I have achieved makeup lines for face, body, eyes, fragrances, creams, and perfumes, 100% natural.

The last objectives that I have set for myself, have allowed me to offer totally customized products, and even Kits so, yourself can make your own cosmetics (DIY Kits).

On the other hand, I offer product refill, thanks to the fact that I don’t use plastics or preservatives, all processes are completely green and environmentally friendly.

All my products are made to measure, (aroma, color, texture, finish), which makes each one unique. I am convinced that this was what was missing in the world of makeup, we needed something that was made pecisely and just for each person.

Frequently asked questions

Do some of the products contain Alore Vera?

No, having studied and researched a lot, having done a lot of tests, we have found that Aloe Vera is irritating to sensitive skin.

How long does the shipment take?

We ship every Tuesday, and you will receive your products usually within 72 hours.

Do you make or sell vegan products?

Many of our products are made with beeswax and / or honey, which is a non-vegan product. However, we can replace them to manufacture the product completely to your needs or liking, and make it 100% vegan. Since all our products are personalized, we can certanly make them vegan.


How do I refill a product if I'm not in Houston?

You must collect and send us 5 of our empty packages, and then you will get $20 credit, which can be used to refill products or to buy new ones.



Do you make and send products for tests?

We make and allow you to try our products at the montrose morning market, in Houston, Texas, every Sunday. But, no, we don’t send prodcuts for testing pourposes.



Do you make all your products yourself?

Yes. I have my own laboratory, where I do the whole process and I also maintain all  cleaning and health standards required by law.



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